VII Workshop of Experts: Public Participation and Technological Innovation. Bogota, Madrid and Zaragoza

On October 21, 2021, the VII Expert Workshop «Public Participation and Technological Innovation . The cases of Bogota, Madrid and Zaragoza» was held. In this Workshop promoted by the Steering Group different good practices related to innovative tools and platforms that facilitate citizen participation have been shared and analyzed, thanks to the interventions of our colleagues: Ana Maria Almario Dreszer and Danny Ramírez Jaramillo, from the Mayor’s Office of Bogota, Jose María Becerra González, from the Madrid City Council and Luis Vidal Peguero Verde Martín, from the Zaragoza City Council.

The Workshop was broadcast in streaming through the UNED Channel (Available in English):

1. Introduction and presentation of the experiences of Bogota, carried out by Ana Maria Almario Dreszer and Danny Ramírez Jaramillo, from the District Institute for Community Participation and Action – IDPAC:

2. Presentation of the Madrid experience, made by José María Becerra González, from the Delegated Area of ​​Territorial Coordination, Transparency and Citizen Participation:

3. Presentation of the Zaragoza experience, made by Luis Vidal Peguero, from the Technical Office for Participation, Transparency and Open Government:

4. Debate: