VI Expert Workshop: Public Participation and Children. Buenos Aires, Bogota and Murcia

On July 26, 2021, the VI Expert Workshop “Good practices in the field of public participation. Public participation and children. The cases of Buenos Aires, Bogota and Murcia” was held. During this Workshop promoted by the Steering Group, different good practices regarding child participation have been shared and analyzed, thanks to the interventions of our colleagues: Juan Cruz Carrique, from the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Lorena Castañeda Pereda, from the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá and Mayca Verde Martín, of the Murcia City Council.

Preparatory document with the structure and key questions of the activity (Available in Spanish):
VI Taller. Información e instrucciones para espectadores

The Workshop was broadcasted in streaming through the UNED Channel (Available in Spanish):

  1. Introduction and presentation of the experience of Buenos Aires (Argentina), carried out by Juan Cruz Carrique, coordinator of Strategy and Reports of Citizen Participation of Buenos Aires:

  2. Presentation of the experience of Bogota (Colombia), by Lorena Castañeda Pereda, remote manager and participation mechanisms, District Institute of Participation and Community Action of Bogota:

  3. Presentation of the experience of Murcia (Spain), made by Mayka Verde Martín, head of the urban development area of the European Programs Service, Murcia City Council (Spain):

  4. Question Time:

  5. Development of the collaborative workshop: