Public participation in the Administration

“Participation in the development of standards of the General State Administration” is the title of a book published by the professor of the University of Murcia Javier Sierra, the guiding thread of the topic in which he delves into this program DIPASO, the innovation group teacher on good practices in urban planning and participation made up of teachers from the Administrative Law and Social Work departments of the UNED. For citizens, the participatory procedures or the possibilities of formally intervening in the norm-making processes in the scope of the General State Administration are complicated. Spanish legislation contemplates this possibility but reality shows that organizations mainly intervene and that citizens hardly use these procedures, which leads us to think that there are many aspects to improve.

Antonio López Peláez Professor of the Social Work Department, UNED
Marta Lora-Tamayo Vallvé Professor of the Administrative Law Department, UNED
Javier Sierra Rodríguez professor, University of Murcia
Estefanía Pérez López secretary, Tineo City Council (Asturias)
Ana Isabel Ventureira Pedrosa editor – announcer, CEMAV, UNED

UNED DIPASO Teaching Innovation Group (Available in Spanish)