III Expert Workshop: The Neighborhood Planning model in UK

On March 26, 2021, the III Workshop organized by the UNED was held, through the Series «Expert Workshop: Good practices in the field of public participation».

In this workshop, Dr. Almudena Cano introduced us to the Neighborhood Planning model in the UK, answering the following key questions:

  1. How conditioned is the case by your circumstances?
  2. Is it a regulated case? (if any type of national, state or municipal regulation should have been complied with)
  3. If it was a regulated case, what was the impact of the “regulation” on the case?
  4. Can the participation standard, in this case, be considered high, intermediate or low? Why?
  5. What is the lesson that we can extract from this case?
  6. Can it be considered as a good practice in the field of public participation? Why?
  7. Is the teaching of the case replicable in my context?

The Workshop was broadcasted in streaming through the UNED Channel (Available in Spanish):

III Expert Workshop: Neighborhood Planning in UK 1

III Expert Workshop: Neighborhood Planning in UK 2