In this section you will find a series of programs focused on legal, social, political, cultural and economic training for public participation offered by experts in the field of Participation in academic and institutional settings.

Public participation in Spain (I)

Training pills. The Spanish legal framework offers a very solid basis from a constitutional perspective and especially from the local level for the development and implementation of processes and techniques for citizen participation. Knowing this legal framework is key to be able to develop methods in the appropriate social and territorial sphere. [...]

Public participation and civil society. Quality and quantity in participation

Radio show. Processes of public participation / citizen participation that require a public or institutional impulse and also participating actors who contribute to a constructive and purposeful dialogue to improve the quality of democracy. Who are the usual “actors” in the field of citizen participation? How can we improve not only the number [...]

Citizen participation sessions

TV show. We need to recover a space for consensus based on science and an adequate analysis of the relational dynamics of people. In this show, we delve into the skills and attitudes that we should strengthen to achieve successful participation in a democratic society. UNED DIPASO Teaching Innovation Group (Available in Spanish)

Participation and SDG: perspectives from Italy (Palermo and Agrigento)

Radio show. Talk with the Dean of Social Work of the University of Palermo, Roberta Teresa di Rosa, about good practices in the field of participation in local administrations in Italy. The colloquium leads us once again to insist on the importance of materializing participatory processes and “feeling part of” as an exercise of the […]

Building a participatory city

TV show. The city is the physical environment that facilitates citizen participation. Among the issues in which City Councils may develop actions, some areas are natural ground for direct citizen participation. This is the case of municipal city planning public policies, through which a specific city model is made possible. This model is finally [...]

Digitization and Participation

Radio program: Digitization is playing and will play a key role in the participatory inclusion of citizens, but also in their exclusion. Two professionals in digitalization and social work fully immersed in these subjects tell us about this vertiginous and exciting process: Chaime Marcuello Servos, tenured professor of Social Work and Social [...]

Bases and challenges of public participation in the city. SDGs 11 and 17

Training pills. Citizen participation is currently framed in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 11 and 17). Its diffuse conceptualization and implementation are evolving towards systems and modes of participation based on transparency, access to information and good governance. But what is the ultimate purpose of participation? [...]

Public participation and co-design methodology

Radio show. The processes of public participation or citizen participation require an order, an active channeling that manages to unite interests and needs through public impulse and citizen initiative. Raquel Pelta, researcher and design historian, specialist in social design and co-design as a methodology for social work, tells us what the [...]

Participation and social co-design

TV show. In this program, a preliminary reflection is carried out on the conditioning factors, the objective and subjective breeding ground, which can help ensure that Good Practices in the field of public participation are not a casual product of muscle, of political will , of the commitment and personal effort of a group of […]

Public participation in the European Union. The European citizens’ initiative

Radio show. The European Union has entered stealthily at times, at other times very directly, in the configuration of our institutional, political and normative reality. In this program we are going to discover if the right to participation is contemplated. Can European citizens participate in the decision-making sphere of the European Union? How [...]

Good public participation practices

TV show. How are the participation classes? Forms of public participation. The classes of participation are analyzed from a constitutional perspective in which an implicit call to participation in political, economic, cultural and social life is carried out. DIPASO Teaching Innovation Group of the UNED (Available in Spanish)

Participation, urban planning and social work: the challenge of the SDGs. Transferring good practices

Radio show. From the interdisciplinary project formed by professors from the UNED of the Departments of Social Work and Administrative Law in the field of urban planning, work will be done on promoting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The objective of the SDGs is to think about how cities are going to be and how […]

Public participation in the Administration

“Participation in the development of standards of the General State Administration” is the title of a book published by the professor of the University of Murcia Javier Sierra, the guiding thread of the topic in which he delves into this program DIPASO, the innovation group teacher on good practices in urban planning and participation [...]

Bases and conceptual challenges of public participation. Introduction

Training pills. The Participatory Group. UNED-Madrid City Council Marta Lora-Tamayo Vallvé Professor of the Administrative Law Department, UNED Antonio López Peláez Professor of the Social Work Department, UNED José Luis de la Calle Muñoz director CEMAV, UNED UNED DIPASO Teaching Innovation Group (Available in Spanish)