Experiences in citizen participation shared by members of The Participatory Group.

Tudela Socioeconomic Observatory

Tudela has a Municipal Socioeconomic Observatory (OSEM-T), which is an instrument for public monitoring and monitoring of relevant indicators of the city. The Observatory collects and makes public a set of socioeconomic information on the city, in a grouped and organized way, in order to know its reality, to show its evolution and to facilitate [...]

Citizen participation promoted by the Municipality of Madrid

In an interview conducted in Spanish, Silvia Saavedra, the Councillor of Territory Coordination, Transparency and Citizen Participation, explains the pro-person approach to citizen participation in the Municipality of Madrid. Also, the possibility of extending this model through networks and communities of people. DIPASO Teaching Innovation Group [...]

Testing GovTech Solutions in Citizen Participation

Presentation of the results of the pilot project of the Municipality of Madrid, done with collaboration from Instituto de Empresa, to test the adoption of GovTech solutions in citizen participation. Project Report (Available in English): GovtechCase v2 _EN   Project presentation (Available in Spanish):