VII Workshop of Experts: Public Participation and Technological Innovation. Bogota, Madrid and Zaragoza

On October 21, 2021, the VII Expert Workshop «Public Participation and Technological Innovation . The cases of Bogota, Madrid and Zaragoza» was held. In this Workshop promoted by the Steering Group different good practices related to innovative tools and platforms that facilitate citizen participation have been shared and analyzed, thanks to the [...]

Public participation in Spain (I)

Training pills. The Spanish legal framework offers a very solid basis from a constitutional perspective and especially from the local level for the development and implementation of processes and techniques for citizen participation. Knowing this legal framework is key to be able to develop methods in the appropriate social and territorial sphere. [...]

Public participation and civil society. Quality and quantity in participation

Radio show. Processes of public participation / citizen participation that require a public or institutional impulse and also participating actors who contribute to a constructive and purposeful dialogue to improve the quality of democracy. Who are the usual “actors” in the field of citizen participation? How can we improve not only the number [...]

Citizen participation sessions

TV show. We need to recover a space for consensus based on science and an adequate analysis of the relational dynamics of people. In this show, we delve into the skills and attitudes that we should strengthen to achieve successful participation in a democratic society. UNED DIPASO Teaching Innovation Group (Available in Spanish)