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What is The Participatory Group

It is a community of practice promoted by the Municipality of Madrid: a group where knowledge and experiences on citizen participation are shared.

It’s not a city network, and it doesn’t intend to compete with them. On the contrary, the idea is to work together and join efforts with present structures of cities collaboration.


The community of practices “The Participatory Group” was created with the mission to promote collaboration among its members for the exchange of best practices, coworking to design new and better participation techniques, as well as to share their own experiences, reflect and learn together to make participatory processes more accessible, attractive and effective in our organizations.

Presentation and first meeting

The presentation of The Participatory Group and the group’s first meeting took place on 22nd of Frebruary. The Vicemayor of Madrid Begoña Villacís, the Dean of Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Ricardo Mairal and the Councilor of Territory Coordination, Transparency and Citizen Participation Silvia Saavedra spoke at the event. Also there were remote words from representatives of some capital cities that are members of the group: Panama, Quito, Bogota, Andorra la Vella, Porto Alegre, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Lima, represented by its Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells. The presentation event was followed by the first meeting of The Participatory Group.

Notes on the 2021-02-22 meeting

Press release in the Diario de Madrid (Available in Spanish)